Thursday, 1 April 2010

If you want to know more .................

Of course I'm not the only person working in the field of Authentic Leadership! There are quite a few of us actually, and we even have a global community via LinkedIn. So I thought that I would just recommend some of the best people and organizations to you; it's up to you then if you want to contact them and find out more so you know who is going to best be able to support you on your own journey towards AL. This is me. Our Authentic Leadership Programme is called 3 Peaks as it integrates together the 3 critical areas of Cognitive Fitness, Operational Fitness and Physical Fitness. It's a programme designed for business leaders, so if your journey is a more personal one for you at the moment, then possibly one of the other organizations would suit you better. has been founded out of Vancouver by a wonderful lady called Tana Heminsley. She has also founded the global community which you can find at and Neil is a lovely man who works globally with individuals and businesses to help them identify their true purpose is owned and run by Judith Bell out of Novato, California. It's a lovely site with some valuable resources.

and finally Richard Olivier is a classically trained actor who uses the plays of William Shakespeare to teach lessons in leadership. His workshops are geat fun and his site contains many short video clips so you can see how he works.

I hope that this short summary is useful to you and assists you on your own authentic leadership journey

My best wishes as always,